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G-Nius is an originally Dutch recruitment agent, working on the Russian market since 2006. Our clients are foreign companies for whom we recruit throughout many different sectors and functional areas. Our recruitment approach consists of 5 clear steps:

#1 - Listen

Understanding the company, its style and direction is essential. Our client does the talk, while we listen. The goal is to get a clear picture of the job, the company and the candidate profile.

#2 - Search

Now it is time for us to take the lead. Depending on the job and candidate profile, we'll define our search strategy. We try to outsmart ourselves by out-of-the-box approaches and multi-angled search queries. The result of a well executed search is a pool of potential profiles, which we will take along to the next level.

#3 - Select

With a mix of local and international recruitment managers, we are set up for a serious selection process. It's a delicate process, where experience, open-mindness, and gut feeling play an important role. After many years of interviewing, we are very keen on selecting those candidates that can match the management mindset of our clients. In order to be able to make such selection, every single candidate is personally interviewed.

#4 - Present

Selected candidates are presented to companies in a clear format. Not every profile will tick all requirement boxes. That's why we clearly state our reasoning behind each selection.

#5 - Choice

We facilitate the full interview cycle with shortlisted candidates for our clients. Once agreement is met with the candidate of choice, we still do not consider our job done. We keep pulse all the way till start date and beyond. Ready to support when and where necessary.


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